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Development Stages

Introduction to Goalkeeping 6-10 years old

• Preparation in technique, tactics and theory
– first contact with the ball, first steps “in goal”,
– progressive learning of goalkeeping technique,
– initiation in playing with the ball at feet,
– learning the rules of the game. 

• Physical preparation
– physical qualities (endurance, speed and coordination) are developed through a variety of games.

• Psychological preparation
– children at this age always aim to win and finish first,
– learning to accept defeat,
– respecting the coach, other team members, the opponents and the referee,
– introduction to the specific nature of the goalkeeper’s position and responsibilities (it must not be forgotten that, at that age, the result is not the most important thing).


Development 11-14 years old

• Preparation in technique, tactics and theory
– ongoing improvement of the goalkeeping techniques learnt during the previous period,
– the move onto the big pitch sees the start of regular work on aerial balls (orientation in the penalty area with the help of the lines),
– improving play with the ball at feet, 
– increasing the difficulty of specific exercises,
– learning the goalkeeper’s role in different formations.

 • Physical preparation
– development of endurance, speed, suppleness and reflexes,
– coordination with and without the ball.

 • Psychological preparation
– listening to the coach and making own decisions,
– earning the respect of peers,
– understanding, recognizing and getting to grips with emotions,
– accepting criticism and comments


Training 15-18 years old

• Preparation in technique, tactics and theory
– continuing to improve goalkeeping technique,
– the ability to work on more complicated exercises in goal.

 • Physical preparation
– beginning to develop strength,
– development of speed, endurance, etc.

 • Psychological preparation
– being able to take decisions and be responsible,
– learning to assess oneself (self-criticism),
– becoming aware of a healthy lifestyle,
– being ambitious, “being hungry for the game” (requesting extra training sessions).


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