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WSL Region D Qualifying Rules

Region D Warner Soccer League 2017 Rules


 2017-2018 Rules, Guidelines and Procedures  


 Region D Warner Soccer League exists to provide teams with the opportunity to compete against equally competitive teams with games located their geographic region.   

 Table of Contents  


 100. LEAGUE MANAGEMENT                                                                                                                     2

200. GENERAL RULES                                                                                                                                      2             

300. PLAYING RULES                                                                                                                                       3

400. PROTESTS AND APPEALS                                                                                                                     5

500. STRUCTURE AND SCHEDULES                                                                                                            10

600. HOME TEAM RESPONSIBILITIES                                                                                                        10

700. TEAM STANDINGS                                                                                                                                 10

800 RULES OF COMPETITION                                                                                                                      10








1. “Registered” means having the intent to play the sport of soccer and having paid the fees to become a member of Florida Youth Soccer Association and USYS (US Youth Soccer).   

2. “Rostered” means a registered player has been assigned to a club’s team roster.   

3. “Eligible” means registered, rostered as a verified player under a Primary or Club Pass designation, and not under suspension or in bad standing.   


101.1 – The Region D WSL League will be directed by the staff of Warner Soccer.  

101.2 – The Warner Soccer registrar will serve as the League Registrar. The Warner Soccer Director of Club Development will serve as co-commissioner with the Warner Soccer Director of Coaching.


201. ELIGIBILITY  201.1 - Teams from registered FYSA member clubs in good standing and from the age groups of U-9 to U-19 that are currently registered and in good standing with FYSA are eligible to participate in the WSL League.   

201.2 Team and player eligibility requirements are the same as those used by FYSA in its Rules and those of USYS in its National Champions Series rules.   

201.3 - Players who are rostered to a team or Club Pass player are eligible to participate in WSL games.  Guest players are not permitted.  

201.4 – No more than 3 Club pass players may be used in a match.   

201.5 - All persons involved in the WSL will abide by the rules of this league and the Policies/Rules for FYSA, USYS, and USSF.   

201.6 - The WSL dates of competition will be announced prior to the closure of the season’s open application.   

202. PARTICIPATION     202.1 - All applications must be completed on-line by 11:59 pm EST on August 15th , 2017. All payments must be submitted by the selection deadline. Failure to provide league fee payment by the application deadline may result in the team’s removal from consideration for the league and/or a late fee no greater than $100.    

202.2 - Submitting an application is NOT a guarantee of acceptance into the WSL.    

202.3 - Eligible teams will be scheduled to participate in their age group. Playing up an age group must be done in accordance with FYSA guidelines.    

202.4 – Clubs will be notified of their team’s application status and divisional placement by August 15, 2017. The teams will be given an evaluation period of five business days from the time of notification to withdraw from the WSL. At the conclusion of the evaluation period, all teams who have not withdrawn are considered to be confirmed.    

202.5 - Withdrawing from the league after the application has been accepted and confirmed but prior to start of play will result in forfeiture of the entry fee and an additional $1,000 fine.    

203. FEES     203.1 - The WSL entry fee for 2017 is $100 per team. Teams will be responsible for required travel, field rental and referee fees.    

203.2 - Referee Fees— Each team will pay ½ of the total Referee fees for each given match. The current fees are as follows IAW State Cup and Region B Fees. All fees will be paid in cash prior to the start of the match.    

203.3 - Referee Assignor Fees – Will be included in the referee fees paid by participants. 

203.4 – Field Rental Fees – The City of Tallahassee charges field rental fees and these will be split and paid by all participants. These fees will be disclosed and be paid as part of the referee fees prior to the beginning of each match in accordance with the referee fee payment policy.    

204. BOND   

204.1 – WSL reserves the right to require a team to post a performance bond of up to $500 prior to the start of the season. During the season, WSL may also require a team to post a performance bond prior to the team’s next game in response to incidents of noncompliance.   


301. LAWS     301.1 - The WSL will be played in accordance with FIFA Laws of the Game Observed by USSF and USYS with the adjustments outlined in this document.   


302.1 - Teams may begin play with a minimum of seven players and at no time may be the number of players on the field drop below 7 players per team. The addition of late arriving players, who are on the official roster, will take place with the permission of the Referee and at regular legal substitution periods. The opposing team may play at full strength.   

303. AGE FORMAT    

303.3 - Age groups will play as follows:    


U9 7v7 16 4 2x25 min. Unlimited for entire season

U10 7v7 16 4 2x25 min. Unlimited for entire season

U11 9v9 16 4 2x30 min. Unlimited for entire season

U12 9v9 18 5 2x30 min. Unlimited for entire season        

U13 11v11 22** 5 10 2x35 min. Unlimited for entire season  

U14 11v11 22** 5 10 2x35 min. Unlimited for entire season  

U15 11v11 22** 5 10 2x40 min. Unlimited for Fall.  After Jan 1st 2017 No Re-Entry Per Half 

U16 11v11 22** 5 10 2x40 min. Unlimited for Fall.  After Jan 1st 2017 No Re-Entry Per Half 

U17 11v11 22** 5 15 2x45 min. Unlimited for Fall.  After Jan 1st 2017 No Re-Entry Per Half 

U18/19 11v11 22** 5 15 2x45 min. Unlimited for Fall.  After Jan 1st 2017 No Re-Entry Per Half    

NOTE: ** These age groups may only have a maximum of 18 players dressed out to play in any one match. The roster presented to the Referee at the beginning of the match shall indicate the 18 (maximum) players that will be used to play in that match and no changes can be made after the match has started. A player serving a suspension in a match reduces by one the number of players available for that match. For example, a U-18 player is suspended in match “A” and the team has 22 rostered players available to play in the next scheduled match, match “B”. Only 17 players may play in that next scheduled match, match “B”.      


 304.1 - Each team participating in the WSL may have a “Club Pass Roster” that is approved by FYSA.    

304.2 - An eligible club pass player is one who is properly rostered to a team within the same club. The total roster of registered and club pass players may not exceed 22, (16 for U12 and below) with 18 (16 for U12 and below) named per game.   

304.3 - A participating WSL team may list players on the roster at any time during the season.   

304.4 - A player may not play on a different WSL team on the same day, weekend, or event (league, game, tournament, etc.) in the case of more than two consecutive days of play. A player may only play one (1) game per day. Games in which this rule was violated will be recorded as a 4-0 defeat to the offending party. In the case both teams are found to have violated this rule, the game will be scored as a double loss, and neither team will receive any points.   

304.5 - The maximum number of games that a player may participate in is +3 of the number of teams within the age group i.e. 14 teams in an age group a player may play in 17 total games.   

305. WEATHER       

305.1 - If lightning is in the immediate area, the Referee and/or Site Administrator will suspend play or delay start of the match. USSF Lightning Policy will be followed. Such delay or suspension must remain for a minimum of 30 minutes past the last sighting of lightning or longer at the discretion of the Referee. If a match is cancelled prior to starting or during the first half due to weather, the match will be rescheduled and replayed in its entirety. Due to the distance teams travel to play, matches in which the first half of the game has been completed will be considered completed. WSL FYSA, USYS, nor anyone affiliated with them, assumes any responsibility or liability if a match is cancelled in whole or in part for any reasons, weather related or not.    

306. PLAYERS’ UNIFORMS AND EQUIPMENT    306.1 - Each player shall have a number on the player’s jersey. The number shall be affixed to the back of the jersey and shall be clearly visible. Duplicate numbers are not permitted. Numbers are optional for goalkeepers.    

306.2 - In the event of a uniform color conflict, the team designated as the home team will wear light colored jerseys and socks, and the team designated as the away team will wear dark colored jerseys and socks.  If no conflict can be resolved pinnIes may be used to designated one team or a goalkeeper.

306.3 - Goalkeepers must wear colors that distinguish them from other players and game officials.   

 306.4 - A player or team official at a game site to participate in a game and all other activities of the competition may only have on the outer wear of the player or team official a name, logo, or other identifying mark of a youth soccer organization that is US Youth Soccer, a State Association or other member of US Youth Soccer, a member of a State Association, or an organization that is a member of an organization that is a member of a State Association. A name, logo, or other identifying mark of any other youth soccer organization not affiliated with FYSA or US Youth Soccer must be removed, replaced, or covered before the player or team official may continue to remain at the game site or related events.   

306.5 - The Referee is the sole judge of allowed player equipment as prescribed by FIFA Laws of the Game 

307. CHECK-IN - It is recommended that each team check in with the site administrator 60 minutes prior to the start of their first game. All credential verification must be completed by the start of the match.   

307.1 – Each team must have the following items present prior to the start of the match   

A – A one sided USYS laminated pass issued by FYSA and signed by the issuing registrar for each rostered player and coach. Each pass must have a recent picture. Players must be verified and coaches must show as KidSafe Approved. Personnel who do not meet these requirements are not permitted to participate in the upcoming match.   

B – Three copies of an official FYSA roster for the team with accurate jersey numbers for each player.   

C - A properly signed medical release form for each rostered player which will remain in the possession of the coach or team manager. (Not required by Referee at check-in but team must have in its possession). Medical Releases are not required to be notarized.   

307.3 - Teams without the minimum required players will be allowed a fifteen (15) minute grace period from the scheduled kick-off time before the match will be deemed a Forfeit. ALL CREDENTIALS MUST BE CHECKED AND VERIFIED PRIOR TO THE START TIME WHILE WAITING FOR THE ADDITIONAL PLAYERS TO SHOW.   

307.4 - Failure to present items detailed in Rule 307.2 will cause the dismissal of players which could result in an Administrative Forfeit of the match per Rule 307.3.     


308.1 - Administrative Forfeit - considered as games in which both teams intended to complete the game as scheduled but either were unable to due to a club’s administrative error or were found to violate any other rule that calls for an Administrative Forfeit. For games that are classified in this manner, the opponent of the violating team will be awarded a 4-0 win. The violating team will be charged with a fine of up to $300.    

308.2 - Standard Forfeit – considered as a game in which one or both teams fail to show at a scheduled game, but notice was given to the WSL Scheduler at least 72 hours prior to the scheduled start of the match. For games that are classified in this manner, the opponent of the violating team will be awarded a 4-0 win. The violating team will be charged with a fine of up to $1000.   

308.3 - Short Notice Forfeit – considered as a game in which a team fails to show for a scheduled match without a minimum 72-hour notice. A team that fails to appear for a duly scheduled WSL match without a minimum 72-hour notice to both the opponent and WSL Scheduler or his designee, shall be subject to the following:   

      A - The team may be fined $1000 per match, up to an additional $500 per match which will be redistributed to each affiliate as needed to reimburse travel expenses, and a $500 performance bond will be required to be paid to Region BPD within 30 days of the official forfeited match. If they fail to do so, the club will be placed in “Not In Good Standing” and their matches can be dismissed from the standings.   

B - The affiliation with which the team is registered/affiliated may be placed in not in good standing until such time that both the performance bond and fine are paid.   

C - The team may be barred from participation in the WSL for the remainder of the seasonal year that the forfeit(s) occurred.   

308.4 - Abandoned Match – Any match that is terminated for any reason outside the scope of weather, WSL or team administration error, or hosting site error may be considered an Abandoned Match. A team which is found to be at fault for a game’s abandonment will be scored a 0-4 loss, may be fined up to $1,000, and any persons who are identified as contributing to the termination of a match may be subject to FYSA Code of Ethics violations When the situation causing the abandonment is such that league officials cannot assign responsibility, both teams will forfeit with no goals scored, a double loss declared, and both teams will receive zero points, and each team will be fined up to $1,000.   

308.5 - Any team which fails to play three or more officially scheduled games may be considered to be disqualified and will be fined up to $1,000 in addition to any other fines assessed. A disqualified team’s games will not count to determine WSL standings.   

308.6 - A team may appeal the assessment of the penalties if they can demonstrate catastrophic circumstance that precluded the team from participation. Catastrophic means an auto accident in route to the match, severe weather, such as a tornado or flood, or other situations that impacts the entire team.       


309.1 - Both teams will be on the same side of the field and each team will locate no closer than five yards away from the halfway line. Referees will have the authority to determine team location during the match.    

309.2 - No more than 3 coaches will be permitted in the technical area.    

309.3 - All spectators will be located on the opposite side of the field from their team.   

310. COACH REQUIREMENTS        - Only individuals listed on the teams WSL rosters will be permitted on the team’s bench area. A match in which a team does not meet this requirement will be considered an Administrative Forfeit.   

311. OVERTIME     

311.1 - There will be NO overtime for any WSL matches. Matches that end in a tied score will be considered a draw and the scores will be reported accordingly.   

312. CONDUCT       

312.1 - Coaches are responsible for their behavior, for the conduct of the players, team staff, and spectators of their respective team. Coaches shall be familiar with the FYSA Code of Ethics.    

312.2 - Referees are authorized to take appropriate action(s) to maintain proper control of matches. If the referee terminates play due to unruly behavior the match is recorded as an Abandoned Match and may result in further sanctions as defined in Section 308.    

312.3 - Any person(s) “sent off” from a match either by being shown a red card, for receiving a second caution (yellow card) in the match, (or asked to leave) according to FIFA Laws of the Game shall not participate further in that match and shall serve a suspension as set forth in FYSA Rule 502. Any player “sent off” may not be substituted. The team of the “sent off” player must sit out that player or a substitute for that player for the remainder of the match. A player who has been ejected from a WSL match will be suspended from their next scheduled RBPD match or if the season has ended the suspension will be served in their next State or National Cup competition, whichever comes first. Any coach, trainer, parent, or other person(s) removed from a WSL sanctioned match will serve their suspension from the next scheduled WSL match or if the season has ended the suspension will be served in their next State or National Cup competition, whichever comes first. Any Red Card issued during an WSL game that is also counted as a game in another USYS sanctioned league will be reported to and served in the higher league.   

312.4 - Violations that are deemed of a serious nature (including but not limited to fighting, assaults, threats, Referee abuse, etc.) may require further disciplinary action as referenced in Rule 502.  

312.5 - The player card of the “sent off” player will be collected by the Referee, used in the completing the WSL Match Report and returned to the team coach or team official after the conclusion of the match.   


313.1 - For the all age groups, unlimited substitutions can be made per half for the Fall Season. Substitutions may be made at any stoppage at the discretion of the Referee.    

313.3 - A cautioned player (shown a yellow card according to FIFA Laws of the Game) may be substituted by the coach, but substitution is not required.   

314. MATCH REPORTS       

314.1 - The Referee will complete and sign the official WSL Game Card and return a copy of the completed Substitution Card as necessary to the Site administrator. Reports will include the printed name of all 3 USSF licensed referees. Each coach must verify the match results before legibly signing the report.  The home team is responsible for sending the game report to the Premier Division scheduler at   [email protected] within 24 hours.  Failure to do so could result in a $25 fine.  

314.2 The WSL will enter the final score into GotSoccer within 72 hours of the completion of the match.   

315. ROSTERS      

315.1 - Team Officials will provide an official FYSA roster for all WSL matches. Any person(s) serving a suspension will be included, and noted in writing on the Game Card, as serving a suspension during the match that the roster is issued for and must be included as part of the players named for that match.   

315.2 - The available number of players will be reduced by the number of players serving suspensions for that match. For example, a team allowed to use an 18-player roster that has two players serving suspensions will only have 16 players available for play.   


401. PROTEST REQUIREMENTS    401.1 - All questions relating to the qualifications of the competitors or interpretation of these rules, or any dispute or protest shall be referred to the WSL Co-Commissioners in writing within 24-hours of the completion of the disputed contest. Protests should be sent to [email protected].  A protest may be discarded in the case that the protest violates any portion outlined below.   

401.2 - All protests relating to the ground, goal posts, bars or other appurtenances of the game shall be entertained only if a written objection has been lodged with the referee and the opposing coach prior to the start of the game.   

402. FILING A PROTEST       

402.1 - All WSL match protests must be filed with and to the attention of the Matt McCloghry, WSL Co-Commissioner to the address below, postmarked no later than noon of the next FYSA business day and include:    

A - A verdict-dependent refundable fee in the amount of $250. This fee may be in cashier’s check, money order (Payment is to be made payable to “NFYSL”). Personal checks will not be accepted.   

Mail the check to:  WSL Commissioners c/o Matt McCloghry, Warner Soccer, 1624-a Metropolitan Circle, Tallahassee, FL  32308  

                B - Protest must include full particulars of the grounds on which the protest is lodged.   

C - Protest must include any information to be presented by witnesses.   


403.1 - Upon receipt of a protest which meets the above criteria the WSL Co-Commissioners will review the particulars and discuss the situation with all parties involved and named in the protest.

403.2 - A plea of ignorance to the rules and regulations of the WSL is not sufficient grounds for protest. Judgment decisions of the referee are not subject to protest.    

403.3 - An WSL Commissioner shall compile the necessary information to hear the protest, from all available sources before the protest is heard. This shall include, if possible, coaches, field marshals, referees, assessors, witnesses, if necessary, etc. All materials will be treated with confidentiality. After compiling the necessary information, the WSL Commissioners will meet to conduct the protest hearing. The decisions of the protest hearing shall be binding upon all parties.   

403.4 - An WSL Committee member will notify the parties of the final decision.   

404. APPEALS  -No appeals will be heard by the WSL after a decision is rendered. Clubs may purse alternative solutions at their discretion in accordance with FYSA Policies and Procedures   



502.1 - WSL shall determine the number of matches needed based on the number of participating teams in an age group and division. The WSL Commission will set the start dates and deadlines for completion of league play.    

503.  SCHEDULE       

503.2 - Teams may play their matches as:   

A - Single, Stand-alone events   

B - Part of a multi-team or multi-age group weekend of matches   

C – Matches whose results will count as results in more than one USYS sanctioned league, so long as all WSL rules of competition are followed. In the case that one match will count as a match for WSL and a higher USYS sanctioned league, such as the National League, Region Premier League or Premier League East, the rules of competition for the higher league will take precedence over RBPD rules of competition.   

502.3 – WSL will make every attempt to schedule Saturday matches to permit travel time to the match on Saturday afternoon. Sunday matches will be scheduled to allow for travel time home on Sunday afternoon/early evening. The intent is to reduce the need for overnight lodging to a maximum of one night.   

502.4 - Scheduling will be done on a best effort basis and is intended to minimize travel distance for both teams.    

502.5 - Only two (2) games per day will be permitted.


503.1 – WSL reserves the right to schedule un-played matches. WSL will assign the date, field and time the games will be played. Failure by both teams to complete WSL scheduled games may be considered as Administrative Forfeits.   

504. DISREPUTE       

504.1 Any team that appears to be bringing the game into disrepute will be subject to a disciplinary hearing by FYSA.   


600.1 - All arrangements for scheduling must be approved by WSL.  It is expected that all games will take place in Tallahassee, FL unless otherwise approved and sanctioned by the WSL Scheduler.   

600.2 – In cases where the games do not take place in Tallahassee, the Home Team will assist WSL as necessary to fulfill all field and referee assignor needs for any matches held at the Home Team’s facilities.   


601.1 - The WSL administration will be responsible for providing State League Match Report to the Referee at least 30 minutes prior to each scheduled match.    


602.1 – The WSL is responsible to post the final score of the game using the GotSoccer Event Scoring System within two (2) business days of the match completion date and send a copy of the game report to the WSL scheduler at [email protected]   


701.1 - Team Standings in each bracket will be determined by a three-point system. Teams will be awarded points for each match as follows:    Win = 3 points    Tie = 1 point    Loss= 0 points   

701.2 - In the event that a team drops out of, or is disqualified from the WSL, all matches that the forfeiting team had previously played or is scheduled to play will not count for point totals in the determination of the standings for the other teams in their bracket or age group.   


702.1 - In the event that at the conclusion of the WSL Fall season, teams will be notified of their results and standings and status of qualification games as required by FYSA for Cup Competitions. There is no system for playoff or tie-breakers in the WSL.


801.1 - Except as otherwise provided herein, the rules of the US Youth Soccer and FIFA “Laws of the  

Game” shall apply. (Please refer to #11 Substitution of Player)

The following rules were utilized in WSL matches in consideration of and compliance with US Soccer Mandates established for the 2016-17 season.


All teams will be designated by the birth year of the oldest player on the team.

7v7                  (9U/10U)


  • If a player is suspected to have a head injury, the referee will stop play to allow for evaluation/treatment
  • Any player suspected of having a head injury will not be allowed to reenter the game until cleared by a Health Care Professional or Certified Athletic Trainer.
  • Deliberate heading is not allowed. 
  • If a player deliberately heads the ball, an indirect free kick will be awarded from the spot of the incident.
  • If the incident occurs within the goal area (6yd box) the ball will be placed on the goal area line closest to the spot of the incident.


  • Two lines will be drawn across the width of the field with each line equal distance between the penalty area and the halfway line.
  • When the goalkeeper has the ball, either during play (from the opponent) or from a goal kick,
  • the opposing team must move behind the build out line until the ball is put into play
  • Once the opposing team is behind the build out line, the goalkeeper can pass, throw or roll the ball into play (punting is not allowed)
  • After the ball is put into play by the goalkeeper, the opposing team can cross the build out line and play resumes as normal
  • If a goalkeeper punts the ball, an indirect free kick should be awarded to the opposing team from the spot of the offense
  • If the punt occurs within the goal area, the indirect free kick should be taken on the goal area line parallel to the goal line at the nearest point to where the infringement occurred


  • A modified offsides rule will be used in 7v7 games
  • The build out line will also be used to denote where offside offenses can be called
  • Players cannot be penalized for an offside offense between the halfway line and the build out line
  • Players can be penalized for an offside offense between the build out line and goal line

9v9                  (11U/12U)


  • If a player is suspected to have a head injury, the referee will stop play to allow for evaluation/treatment
  • Any player suspected of having a head injury will not be allowed to reenter the game until cleared by a Health Care Professional or Certified Athletic Trainer.
  • Deliberate heading is not allowed. 
  • If a player deliberately heads the ball, an indirect free kick will be awarded from the spot of the incident.
  • If the incident occurs within the goal area (6yd box) the ball will be placed on the goal area line closest to the spot of the incident.



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