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11/12U Division Schedule

Date Time Home (Red Jersey) Away (White Jersey) Field
9/14/19 8:00 Franz Berisha 3B
9:30 *Veloza *TASA Chastain 3A
9:30 Franz England Sobczak 10
9:30 *NFM Ferguson FE Amy 3B
11:00 FE Scott G *TASA G Simmons 10
11:00 LaMendola *TASA McGhin 3A
11:00 *Warner G Pullen G 3B
12:30 *Veloza *FE Nguyen 3B
12:30 FE Silva *TASA Chastain 3A
12:30 Meister Pullen B 6
12:30 *NFM Ferguson FE Kristen 10
2:00 FE Pranav *TASA McGhin 3A
2:00 *Warner G *TASA G Simmons 3B
2:00 Franz Scotland Ostrander 10
3:30 Montalbano *FE Nguyen 3B
Surratt G BYE-No Game
9/21/19 8:00 FE Silva Veloza 3A
8:00 *Surratt G Franz Scotland* 3B
9:30 Sobczak *Meister 3A
9:30 Pullen G Franz Scotland* 3B
11:00 *Surratt G FE Scott G 3A
11:00 Ostrander Franz England 3B
11:00 FE Amy FE Kristen 10
12:30 FE Pranav *Meister 3A
12:30 Pullen B Berisha 3B
2:00 NFM Ferguson Franz 3A
9/23/19 5:45 Pullen B Surratt G 3B
9/28/19 No Games Scheduled at the Meadows
10/1/19 5:45 Pullen G Franz England 3A
10/5/19 8:00 Pullen G Pullen B 10
8:00 Franz Scotland FE Kristen 3A
 8:00 Ostrander Surratt G 3B
9:30 Veloza NFM Ferguson 10
9:30 Franz Sobczak 3A
11:00 Franz England FE Amy 3A
11:00 Berisha Meister 3B
10/7/2019 5:45 Franz Pullen B 3A
10/12/19 8:00 Franz England Franz Scotland 3A
8:00 Pullen G FE Amy 3B
9:30 FE Silva *FE Nguyen 3B
9:30 FE Scott G Franz 3A
9:30 *Warner G Pullen B 10
11:00 Berisha Surratt G 3A
11:00 Ostrander FE Kristen 3B
12:30 FE Pranav *FE Nguyen 3B
12:30 *Warner G Sobczak 10
Veloza, Meister BYE- No Game
10/19/19 CANX Franz England Ostrander 3A
  CANXFranz Scotland FE Kristen 3B
CANX Berisha *Warner G 3A
CANX FE Scott FE Amy 3A
CANX FE Silva FE Pranav 3B
CANX Meister *Warner G 3A
Sobczak, Surratt G, Franz BYE-No Game
10/22/19 5:45 Franz Scotland Franz England 3A
10/24/2019 5:45 Berisha  Sobczak 3A
10/26/19 9:30 Berisha *Veloza 3A
9:30 *NFM Ferguson Sobczak 3B
11:00 FE Pranav *Veloza 3A
11:00 FE Kristen FE Scott G 3B
12:30 *NFM Ferguson FE Silva 3A
12:30 Ostrander FE Amy 3B
Franz England, Franz Scotland, Pullen G, Surratt G, Meister BYE-No Game
10/30/2019 5:45 Warner G (Black) Ostrander 1W
11/2/19 8:00 Franz Scotland *Ostrander 3A
 8:00 Pullen B *Veloza 3B
9:30 *TASA McGhin *FE Nguyen 10
9:30 *TASA Chastain FE Pranav 3B
9:30 Franz England FE Kristen 3A
11:00 FE Scott G Surratt G 3A
11:00 *Meister *Pullen G 3B
11:00 FE Amy *Ostrander 10
 12:15 11G Columbus  11G Warner 9
12:30 *TASA McGhin FE Silva 3B
  12:30*Meister Franz 3A
12:30 U12B Columbus *TASA Chastain 10
2:00 *U12 Cairo *FE Nguyen 3A
2:00 *Columbus G *Pullen G (7v7) 1E
  2:00*11B Columbus *Veloza 10
 3:30 *12B Columbus *12U Cairo 3A
 3:30 *11G Columbus 12G Warner 3B
  5:00*11B Columbus 11B Montalbano 3A
Berisha, Sobczak BYE-No Game

Player Information:
HOME - wear your RED jersey
AWAY - wear your WHITE jersey
When in doubt, bring both out
* Denotes Double Header
All players must wear shin guards during all games.


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