ADP -Advanced Development Program

Warner Soccer/ASG Florida

ADP Program

Advanced Player Development Program

(Boys & Girls Ages 9-15)

A more DYNAMIC, AFFORDABLE TRAINING PROGRAM for players who want ADVANCED TRAINING in addition to their team training program!

“We coach players, not DRILLS”

Main Components of the Training Program:

·  The curriculum will contain all FOUR main components as outlined by the United States Soccer Federation:

1. PHYSICAL: Speed and Agility training by our licensed professional. Physical measurement testing Pre and Post test.
2. TECHNICAL: Foot work with the ball, receiving and movement to avoid pressure, correct body position (shape) in receiving. Moves to beat opponents 1v1.
3. TACTICS: 1V1 concept of TRANSITION from offense to defense, defense to offense (building blocks for tactical).
4. PSYCHOLOGICAL/SOCIAL-TEAM DEVELOPMENT: Building on success. Success by doing/correct skill repetition, goal setting, development of leadership traits.

Benefits of the Training Program

·        Overall development as a player

·        Quality instruction from Nationally Licensed coaches

·        Better understanding of what makes an advanced soccer player

·        Structured coaching methodology

Training Program Schedule


               We will be focusing on the 10 Principles of Possession 
Each session lasts 1.5 hours 
               Allow for player to show significant improvement in specific categories.

Monday and Wednesday Evenings

5:30-7:00 Boys and Girls U10 through U12
7:00-8:30 Boys and Girls U13 and above





6, 13, 20, 27

 8, 15, 22, 29


11, 18
No Training July 4th
 6, 20
No Training July 13th

   We strive for Consistency and Excellence!

Program Cost: 

Fees: Registration: $50 (annual registration fee)     
One day a week training: $115 (Monday OR  Wednesday)
Two day a week training: $225 (Monday AND Wednesday)

To register:
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